Mentor Sessions

In the last five years, I have photographed nearly 100 weddings and taken countless numbers of images. Along the way, I have learned an incredible amount about the wedding industry, what it takes to start and run a small business, how to offer great client experience and of course, how to practice the art of photography.

In those five years, I have been asked numerous times to sit down with aspiring photographers as well as business owners and share my knowledge. Through those conversations, I stumbled upon a new passion: teaching the art of photography and small business. If you’re an aspiring photographer who has either just launched into the scary world of self-employment or is wanting to make that leap, I would love to chat!

Mary Fields Photography offers one-on-one mentor sessions for the aspiring photographer and/or the small business owner. We will tackle topics like but not limited to the ones listed below. Each session can be customized to perfectly fit what you are wanting to learn so that it is tailored just for you.


Interested in learning more about a MFP mentor session?