Take Me Back Tuesday | The Sweetest Two Years


Well, it has officially been way too long since I have blogged (more on the reason for that later) but I figured today was a good day to come back to it after a long hiatus. Today is a super special day as it marks the anniversary of one of the best decisions I have ever made. The decision to marry the love of my life and the man that I'll never deserve. So, as my comeback 'Take Me Back Tuesday' post, I'm writing a few thoughts on marriage. 

It's so hard to put in to words what it is I feel about the last two years of my life. They have truly been the sweetest two years of my almost thirty-one years on this earth. Truly. This morning as I was journaling, I just began to tear up at the thought of God's goodness in my life as He has worked in my marriage. Being a wedding photographer, but even more having always valued the covenant of marriage, I had plenty of time leading up to my wedding day to form desires around what I wanted in marriage. I had spent years praying and hoping for the man that God might bring to me and yet...I had no idea. I had no idea how much God would far exceed my expectations as He brought my blonde, blue-eyed hubby into my life. Well, now two years later, I am just getting even a glimpse of God's goodness and love. 

On our wedding day, we hung a sign above the altar that said 'The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever.' In this we had a purpose. While we were promising to love one another for the rest of our days, we knew that the only way we would be able to do that would be through the steadfast love of the Lord. We would daily fail to fulfill our vows, no matter how well-intentioned we were, but it would be through the Lord's steadfast love that we would keep our promises. This, the unfailing love of God, was the banner we wanted over us as we spoke words of astounding commitment to one another. Words we would never be able to keep on our own. Two years in, I can honestly say that it is the love of God that has sustained us. Our marriage is wildly imperfect and yet, because of God's steadfast love to us, we continue to love one another and grow in deeper understanding of what it means to be united in marriage. 

As my husband kissed me goodbye on his way to work this morning, I smiled to myself. We are not the same people who stood under that tree and under that banner two years ago. Marriage has changed us. Shaped us. Challenged us. It has chipped away at our selfish pride and brought as a replacement the sweetest of change. While the newness of marriage has begun to wear off, the profundity of daily commitment and growing together is beginning to take root and when I think on that, I get so excited for the days ahead. I am confident that they will be days that are made up mostly of the mundane and the uneventful. Days that to the average person would seem to be lackluster and without much glamour. To me though, I think those days will be the ones that shape us the most as we continue to daily learn to live out our vows and to help each other walk more faithfully with Christ.  Our wedding day was one of the sweetest days of my life, marked by overwhelming joy. Yet, every day since has served to only add to that joy, both on good days and bad, and because of that, I think the best is still ahead.

To my handsome husband, words will never be able to suffice as I try to express how thankful I am for you. You are truly God's grace in my life and I still cannot believe that I get the privilege of being your wife. We have really only just begun and so as I look at the days ahead, I cannot help but feel like the best is yet to come. Thank you for loving me out of the overflow of your love for our God and for choosing me as your partner. It's my life's greatest honor to stand by your side. Here's to a lifetime ahead. 

So, in the name of anniversaries and celebration,

I Say, Take Me Back!  

And because I love my wedding photos, here are a few of my favorites of that beautiful day in April two years ago! Thank you Constance Higley for our memories we will cherish forever.