Colorado Anniversary Session | Lana + Adam

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Well, friends, this isn't a joke...I blogged! After my child was born ( a post on that soon ) I took several months off just to enjoy him and figure out motherhood. Now that I have it completely figured out (riiiiiiight) I thought it was time to return to blogging. So, here goes! 

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the blog with recent work that I have yet to show. Stay tuned for so many pretty weddings and portrait sessions! 

I thought I'd start back with a bang and blog about one of my highlights from the last year which was this GORGEOUS Colorado anniversary session. I've known Lana for years because we worked together at one of my favorite places on earth: Kanakuk Kamps. We spent our summers together dressing up in ridiculous costumes, taking care of little kiddos and sweating all day long. It was hard work but those summers hold some of the sweetest memories and life change for me. After kamp, she moved to Colorado and met the love of her life, Adam. They got married in her hometown in Indiana and five years later for their anniversary, she contacted me about flying to Colorado and doing an anniversary session for them in their wedding attire. Well, you can imagine my, heck yes. So, I flew out there and we traveled to this gorgeous mountain lake to take some anniversary portraits.  It might have been freezing but we didn't care cause it was a lovely and serene location that was the perfect backdrop to celebrate five years of marriage and growth. 

You might say I was in photographer heaven for this session cause let's be real, Dallas is lacking in the mountain backdrop department. Or really, the natural beauty department! I get giddy during most shoots but I was freaking out during this one. 

So, here are a few of my favorite images documenting this awesome couples five year anniversary! 

(Lana and Adam have since had the sweetest little baby girl and let's just say, I wouldn't be against an arranged marriage ;-) )