Take Me Back Tuesday | My Mom's 60th Birthday Lake Celebration


She's strong. She's gentle. She's determined and tenacious. She's smart. She's hard-working. She's selfless and creative. She's gracious. She's fun. She's joyful and a blessing to us all.

That's my mom and last month she turned the big 60! Not her favorite thing I suppose but let me tell you, my mom has more energy at 60 than I have at 30 so she's doing pretty well! Her favorite thing is to be on the water (that Florida girl in her) and so we planned a surprise lake weekend for her with all of her family. It was a special few days and if you can tell by the smile on her face in the pic above, she had a blast. There were 27 of us, 21 adults and 6 grandkids, which made up for a 'packed' full time. We jet skied, boated, watched college football and soaked in the sun as fall quickly approached. 

You know me, I love celebrations but getting to celebrate my mom was just extra special. We concluded our weekend with a little share time about who she is and why she means so much to us. You will not be a bit surprised that I cried. What a counter-cultural thing to publicly speak words of affirmation, encouragement and love over someone. We should never forget to publicly and verbally honor the people we love. It's important. Talking about my mom was easy because she is simply the best and we all feel amazingly blessed to have her in our lives. I'm thankful for her in countless ways and I thank God for giving me such a wonderful example but even more, a wonderful friend. I love you, Momma!

Here are some quick snapshots of our weekend on the lake!

So, in the name of 60 year celebrations, moms that rock and waterfront fun,

I Say, Take Me Back!