A Fort Worth Club Wedding | Caroline + John


It was July 4th weekend, just a little over two years ago and what was seemingly just another Independence Day celebration was in fact a day that changed their lives forever. Mutual friends got a group together to celebrate the weekend at a lake house and both John and Caroline were invited. It was the first time they had ever met and both took notice of the other. He was taken of course by her beauty but even more by the way she carried herself: confident, secure and joyful. As the weekend went on, he got to see more and more her love for Jesus and that won Him over most. When I asked her what she noticed first, she jokingly said the new mustache he had grown was quite a statement maker...but really it was his leadership and humility that caught her most. As their relationship has unfolded, that continues to be her favorite thing.

On a February day in Dallas, John took Caroline on a walk (a normal occurrence) but surprised her when they came to a beautiful gazebo, lit with candles. Here, he told her that he loved her for the very first time and knelt to the one knee to ask her to be his bride. More than marriage though, he proposed that their relationship not terminate upon itself but instead, be a tool to know more fully and to share more deeply the love of Christ. To this proposal, she happily agreed! 

On a summer August day, before friends and family, Caroline walked down the aisle to her groom and so many tears were shed, myself included. They sang songs of worship and vowed to choose one another for the rest of their days. It reminded me why I love weddings. Because they so beautifully show Christ's love. 

Caroline and John, as I flip through your images, I am smiling so big knowing that this is just the beginning for you two! What a beautiful beginning but oh, knowing the two of you and God's steadfast love, I know that the best is yet to come. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a wonderful day! I look forward to watching your days together unfold!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day!

Happy Monday!