Our Italian Honeymoon Part 2 | Tuscany and Florence


Well, I have finally gotten around to finishing my Italy post...yep, almost three months after we returned. Let's just say my only good excuse is that I took a BAJILLION photos so going through them all and deciding which ones to show has proven to be more challenging than I thought.

Nonetheless, here is the last half of our trip that I am lovingly calling, 'The Honeymoon Redo.' You can check out the first half here if you missed it! For the second half, we traveled north to the Tuscan region which is breathtaking. When we had originally planned our honeymoon (pre foot break) we thought we would just go to Florence and take day trips out to the wine country. When we planned it for 'the redo' though, we decided maybe we'd like some days out in the hills and so we reworked it. It was a FABULOUS decision as we loved our time out in the countryside. We went to all the Medieval towns, went to a winery, rode horses and just relaxed. It was wonderful. And yes, we did eat lunch with a peacock at our winery...no joke. 

We then headed to Florence and spent the last part of our trip seeing the art the city had to offer, eating lots of gelato, strolling the streets, meeting new people and truly just taking in the city. It was probably our favorite stop.

So, since photos speak much better for these kinds of things, take a look below to see some snapshots of our Italian adventure. Yes...I narrowed it down. What can a say...a professional photographer + Italy = LOTS of photos. Sorry, not sorry. 

In the name of Italian honeymoon redos, 

I Say Take me back!

A couple side notes: 1. Our horseback guide was hilarious! He was a native Italian but let me tell you, he was a Texas cowboy at heart. Seriously. He also let (or really made) Jimmy drive his stick shift car which was comical on the winding backroads of Tuscany. I was a little scared for my life. 2. Yes, I took pictures of strangers. No shame. 3. Italian architecture is A-mazing! My eyes couldn't even really handle it. 4. I'm not an art buff but the David truly left me speechless. I wasn't expecting that. 5. If you ever get the chance to go...take me with you. 

Firenze...aka Florence! This was probably our favorite stop (although we loved it all) because Florence had the perfect mix of history but also a slower pace of the Tuscan region. It was beautiful and quaint...not to mention we didn't plan half our time there so we got to just go where the 'wind took us.' We met the sweetest couple from Australia and had lunch with them. We wandered and got lost. My most favorite thing was we grabbed a cheap bottle of wine plus some plastic cups from our hotel and climbed to the top of the city for an epic view. It was my favorite night of the whole trip. Just watching the sunset with my love and 200 other strangers from all over the world. If you ever go to Florence, you MUST do this. One night, we opened the windows of our hotel and listened to the music that was coming from the square below. It was magical and I never wanted to leave...