Take Me Back Tuesday | Waking Up My 'Student' Brain


Oh Internet, today's Take Me Back Tuesday post is an all new one for yours truly. You see, I'm stepping out into a new adventure that is really going to rock my world and also require so much more of me than I'm used to giving. You see, I'm 'going back to school.' (Don't worry, I'll still be doing all things Mary Fields! I'm just exploring a new adventure as well!)

Now, to set the stage for this, I must give you a little background. You see, I've always loved school. I love to learn and I was always that kid who was self-motivated in her schooling. You know, the annoying kind that was always panicking and swearing that she would fail...only to get an A in the end and make every one of her classmates roll their eyes. Yeah, not proud of it.  I wish I could say this was because I was brilliant and a little Miss Smartie Pants but the truth is my pants are just normal. Not really a lot of Smartie just a lot of eagerness to see that A on my report card and a 'do whatever it takes to get it' kind attitude. Some might call it an unhealthy amount of perfectionism (cough cough). But we will call it eagerness....So, I was the good student.

Well, over the last 8 years or so, I've lacked in the learning department, often letting my brain become mush as I've mindlessly scrolled through social media (Come on people, we know it's not making us smarter!) and barely cracked a book. I stopped reading anything of real difficulty and watched my vocabulary deplete. Seriously. To some degree, I totally forgot Biology 101 and that our brains are muscles that must be exercised. 

Fast forward 7 or 8 years and here I found myself with a growing desire to re-engage my brain and an amazing opportunity presented itself. My church started to offer a Training Program that would develop lay people in the doctrines of the Christian faith and even offer seminary credit. So, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity and signed ourselves up. 

Well, folks, it's been two weeks of reading and class and let me just tell you...this girl's brain is atrophied! I mean we are talking a 90 year old's biceps! WEAK I tell you! I've had to look up so many words in the dictionary and I may have panicked to my husband more times than I'd like to admit. He has laughed the whole time and said, 'Ah, so this is what you were like as a student.' Funny how those habits have come back but the comprehension...yeah that has yet to show its old face. 

So, over the next 8ish months I'll be wading in the depths of some history's greatest theologians, all while keeping a dictionary glued to my hands at all times (which may be counter-productive since I'll need my hands but still). Sigh. I wish I was joking.

Although waking up 'student Mary's' brain may take me a bit, in all seriousness, I am so excited. I feel humbled that we live in a place and attend a church where this is so accessible while still being able to work full-time. It is such a privilege and I can't wait to see what the next school year holds and all that God will teach me. I pray that as I grow to know God deeper, that my love for Him deepens ever more. 

'Oh the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!' Romans 11:33

So, in the name of 'Student Mary' and Waking up my Brain,

I Say, Take Me Back!