Caroline | Arlington Hall Bridal Session

Here's the thing, every time I do a bridal session, I get so anxious to post something but then of course, I catch myself. Wouldn't that be terrible!? Instead, I have to wait until after the wedding to show anything. Well, guys, I've been busting at the seams to show this bridal session! Caroline is absolutely STUNNING! Seriously, one of the most beautiful people and her dress was gorgeous. Literally, every shot I took I thought to myself 'They are going to have such a hard time picking their favorites.' What is even more special about Caroline though, is how her outer beauty is equally (if not more) matched by her inner beauty. She radiates the joy of the Lord and is such a witness to who He is and the work He is doing in her. Truly, she is a joy to be around. 

Enjoy some of my favs from her bridal session! My jaw drops at all of them and it's not because of me!

Happy Wednesday!