A Versailles Park Engagement | Caroline + John

These two are getting married on Saturday and I can't wait! I've been meaning to post their engagements for forever and so I figured why not post it the week of their nuptials! So, here it is...

I had heard of both Caroline and John long before I had met them because of mutual friends. My husband had been in a bible study with John and thought he was such a stud. Some dear friends of ours worked with Caroline at their church and had nothing but the best things to say. So, naturally, when they emailed me to talk photography, I was pretty excited! We met for a consolation and I could immediately tell all of people's praises were so true. This couple is the real deal. They love Jesus wholeheartedly and they are committed to the glory of His Name. Not only that, but they are such a compliment to one another and make a great team. Maybe my favorite thing about these two was something I witnessed at a recent wedding that I shot where they were guests. These two LOVE to dance! Watching them on the dance floor brought such a big smile to my face and I can't wait to see them tear up the dance floor at their own wedding. There are great days ahead for these two and I am so privileged to capture this season of their adventure together.

So, enjoy some of my favs from their engagement session and stay tuned for a post for their wedding!

Happy Monday!