A Brooks at Weatherford Wedding | Helena + Matthew


Tears rolled down both of their cheeks as they read each other's notes just before the entered the chapel to become husband and wife. They were in different rooms and had no idea that the other was reacting much the same. Sweet words of love and affection were written on those pages and they both shed tears of joy. Blessed. That is what they felt and what they expressed in their written words to one another. To marry each other was in their minds, one of God's greatest gifts to them and they didn't want to leave it unsaid. 

As my husband and I photographed this sweet couple's wedding day, we talked about how these two were suited so well for one another and how God always knows how to bring couples together in the most beautiful ways. We first met Helena and Matthew through a bible study at our church and now, we actually live across the street from each other. How fun is that?! It has been a privilege to get to see them as they prepared for marriage and an even greater joy to be a small part of their wedding day. Rain scattered the skies throughout the morning and threatened in the afternoon but when it came time for Helena to walk down the aisle to her adoring groom, the rain stopped and it made for the most lovely evening. 

Together, before friends and family, Helena and Matthew pledged their 'I Dos' and sealed it with a kiss. When they walked down the aisle, they stopped and hugged each other so tight. I have to say, it made me smile behind my lens.

Helena and Matthew, I pray that you will continue to hold each other tight and smile all the way through the journey ahead. I truly believe that the best is yet to come! Thank you for letting me share that day with you and I hope we can share more! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful day!

Happy Monday!