Exciting News: Mary Fields' Mentor Sessions Now Available


I've been working on so many new projects for MFP over the last few months but this one may be my favorite! I'm so excited to finally share it! 

It's crazy to think about but I started Mary Fields Photography over five years ago. In those five years, I have learned a LOT (through both my successes and failures) and it has been a roller-coaster of learning what it looks like to be a small business owner. You might say it has been a wildly imperfect adventure but oh, has it been fun.

In those five years, I have been asked numerous times to sit down with aspiring photographers as well as business owners and share my knowledge and experience. Let's be honest, it can be super scary to launch a small business but having people to chat with who have braved that road ahead of you can prove to be incredibly helpful. In fact, I had those people when I first started my business and I am still so thankful for their investment. Well, over the last few years and through my time with these aspiring entrepreneurs, I have stumbled upon a new passion: teaching the art of photography and small business. I love helping people find their voice in their industry and learn to confidently take each new step while staying true to themselves. What a privilege to be able to share what I've learned and to hope that it helps others as they walk their own journey. So, I began to consider how I could best serve those people who were reaching out to me for help and this idea was birthed.  

Mary Fields Mentor Sessions!

While I have already been doing these under the radar, I am so thrilled to make a formal announcement that I am offering one-on-one mentor sessions for aspiring photographers and/or small business owners. My goal is to help each individual navigate the ups and downs of launching a small business and to gear our time specifically to the individual's current state of business. You just can't beat one-on-one time and I love that it allows me the ability to focus solely on each person and their business.

So, if you are an aspiring photographer or business owner who has either just launched into the scary world of self-employment or is wanting to make the leap, I would love to chat! To see more about what these mentor sessions look like, visit my MFP Mentor Session Page here.  

To top off this exciting news, I'd like to make it even more exciting and announce that in honor of this official launch, ANY MENTOR SESSION BOOKED IN THE MONTH OF JUNE WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT! So, if you are interested or know someone who might be, make sure to send this their way!