Take Me Back Tuesday | The Man Who Held It All Together

I'm sitting on an airplane headed for Italy and that very fact is a feat! It has been a busy season and I'm excited for some rest. In the last month I have launched a new website (which has taken me months and months), photographed 4 weddings and worked on several new projects for MFP (to be announced soon). Let's just say, I have been busy. What I have not been busy doing is handling the rest of life very well. My house was a mess, the laundry was not done, I haven't cooked a meal in weeks and all kinds of things were falling through the cracks. It would have all been disastrous if it wasn't for one really wonderful man.

He has always been my champion but over the last few weeks and really months, my sweet hubby has outdone himself. He has graciously kept our sink empty of dishes, folded our laundry and ran all kinds of errands for me. He has photographed two weddings by my side. He has chauffeured me literally all over creation. Seriously. He has spent countless hours reviewing my website and giving me helpful feedback. He has calmed me down when I felt overly stressed and helped me keep perspective. He has celebrated with me in the joys of the last few weeks and been patient when I was distracted. He has been my champion and through it all, he hasn't complained. 

He is wildly imperfect, just like me, but through the grace of Christ, he loves me well. Thank you, Jimmy, for being my champion.