Take Me Back Tuesday | #MaryFieldsStories

Well, I cannot tell you how exciting yesterday was with the release of this new site and blog. So many months of work are finally complete and totally worth it. People were so sweet yesterday with all of their support for this new launch!

In the process of building this new site, I found myself going through five years worth of photos that I had taken for the sweetest MFP clients. I thumbed through gallery after gallery and in many ways, it was a walk down memory lane. Sitting in my office, I would find myself literally smiling at the stories I had told and the people whom they represented. What an amazing job I have as I get to celebrate with people in their most precious moments. 

So, with the new brand and site, I wanted to take some time to honor all the MFP clients who had let me capture special events in their lives. Thus began the #MaryFieldsStories campaign. As a thank you to all of my past clients and their ever-unfolding 'story', I decided to give away a free portrait session to one lucky past MFP client. To enter this give away, they simply had to post their favorite MFP image and include the hashtag, #MaryFieldsStories. I will announce on my blog this Friday the lucky winner.

Some of my clients have already posted and they bring such joy to my heart as I look at them. They blessed me yesterday as I can sometimes forget how special it truly is that I get to provide people with snapshots of memories that they will have for a lifetime.  Here are just a few to share!

So, in the name of wonderful clients and #MaryFieldsStories,

I Say, Take Me Back!