A Perkins Chapel Wedding | Rachel + Harris

It was spring of 2012 and he needed a date to his fraternity’s formal. He’d only seen a picture of her from her sorority composite but was taken by how naturally beautiful she was so he took a risk and asked her to go with him. She quickly found that they had a lot in common and that though she didn’t really know him, people always had the most wonderful things to say about him. Not to mention, in her own words, ‘I thought he was a total hunk.’ They quickly found that their unexpected blind date was the start of a very beautiful love story. Not only did they share common interests but they shared a common faith and therefore a common life purpose. This, as was so evident in their wedding, is the foundation of their relationship and the reason behind all that they do.

Over the next three years, their relationship deepened. Romance, along with friendship, combined to make it into the kind that you choose for forever. She fell in love with his consistency, the way he he treats his friends and most of all the way he loves Jesus. As she says, ‘He’s just really rad.’ Love that! His side is just the same. He was quickly taken by the way she mentors young women as they learn about faith in Christ, the way she cares for others and how she encourages him. Most of all though, he too loves how much she loves her Savior and how that propels her love for him.

So, one day, he tricked her into dressing up and when they got in the car, he blindfolded her as a surprise. He’d done this several times before, for fun dates, so she didn’t think much of it. When he took the blind fold off, she realized he had driven her to a field outside of town that had been special to them both. A place first special to her, where she would go to get away and then it became special to them both. He had set up a beautiful table with pictures, candles and his Bible. It was there that he knelt to the earth and asked her to be his bride.

What I love about Rachel and Harris is that they were more excited about their marriage than they were about their wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, they were super excited about that special day, but it was so easy to see that they had the big picture in mind. A long-lasting, God-honoring marriage and the wedding day was just the beginning of that! It was a day of the sweetest rejoicing with friends and family. Early on, Rachel had told me that she cared more about the candid moments than anything else (my kind of bride!) so I spent the day capturing some of the sweetest moments of her and Harris with their loved ones. Her first look with her dad and mom was maybe the highlight of my day…although, Harris’ face as she walked down the aisle might cause me to rethink that. It was the face of pure delight and joyful anticipation as his bride walked down the aisle to him. This, my friends, never gets old. I am so thankful for clients like Rachel and Harris who let me capture more than just the day by making it about more than just the day. It is such a privilege!

Rachel and Harris, being the photographer at your wedding was simply put, a great joy. I can’t express that enough! I am so looking forward to seeing where your journey as husband and wife takes you. I am confident, wherever that may be, that God has great plans!

Enjoy some of my favs from their beautiful wedding day!